About Encore Roofing

With over 36 years of being a leader in the roofing industry, Encore Roofing has built a record of providing dependable roof systems; delivered in a timely, professional, safe and economic manner. We have made it our goal to consistently provide a great finished product while exceeding customer’s expectations throughout the process. Whether it’s new construction, repairs or an entire re-roof, Encore Roofing has the ability to get the job done correctly, safely, timely and on budget. These are a few of the reasons companies such as Kroger, Wayfair, BMW, Home Goods, Amazon, Walmart, Luxottica, Publix, FedEx and many others continue to trust us with their roofing needs.

Our Team


Encore Roofing was founded in 1980 as Woodall Roofing, by the Woodall family. After many years of steady growth, in 2001 the Woodall family sold the company to the current owner, Jim Nichols. When Jim took ownership, he saw an opportunity to grow Woodall Roofing into a nationwide company. It is this vision that has allowed the company to navigate through both industry and economic challenges all while expanding its size, customer base and coverage area.

As of January 1st, 2017, Woodall Roofing officially completed a name change and became Encore Roofing. Encore Roofing will not only continue to provide the great services to its customers, it will also continually raise the bar in the roofing industry.