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TPO (thermoplastic olefin) became a popular roof membrane in the mid 1980’s.  TPO is a thermoplastic which means it can be welded together with hot air; therefore, not requiring seams to be taped or glued.  Combined with its lengthening track record, low comparative cost and high reflectivity, TPO has quickly become a favorite of real estate developers, building owners, architects, general contractors and roofers.  Also, because of the versatility of the membrane and the multiple application choices available, TPO is a viable product on almost any project.  Whether you need to recover an existing built-up roof with fleece-back TPO in hot asphalt, fully adhere TPO to achieve a higher wind uplift rating, or mechanically fasten TPO, this membrane should be considered as an option on your building.  Because of these reasons, the use of TPO membrane continues to grow exponentially.  TPO membranes are typically white but are available in other colors as well.