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PVC (polyvinyl choride) roof systems offer many of the same benefits as TPO.  PVC is also a thermoplastic which means it can be welded together with hot air; therefore, not requiring seams to be taped or glued.   Although PVC is slightly higher in cost than TPO, it is lower in cost compared to asphalt roof systems, and just like TPO, PVC is a highly reflective roof membrane.  PVC roof systems offer the same versatility as TPO but PVC is more resistant to certain chemicals.   The chemicals in oils, fats and grease may cause a TPO membrane to prematurely deteriorate, while PVC membrane may be more durable in those environments.  If your building houses a restaurant, manufacturing plant or some other business that may vent chemicals through the roof, PVC will provide a cost effective option that will perform under the circumstances presented at your property.  PVC membranes are typically white but are available in other colors as well.